CPS Claims Abuse and Neglect During a Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

If you are a parent who has been accused of committing a sex crime in Michigan, it is likely that CPS will claim abuse and neglect and begin looking into your case. Even if your sex crime did not involve your children in any way, CPS may still attempt to prove that you did not provide the proper support during the course of your care or that your child was exposed to indecent material. It is important to take CPS investigations seriously and start fighting back as soon as possible, especially if you know you are innocent. CPS may decide you are guilty of child abuse and neglect before the judge or jury rends a verdict. This means you could be proven innocent but your family could still suffer.

If you are accused of a sex crime, for example viewing child pornography, Child Protective Services will likely learn of the charges. Because abuse and neglect can come from exposing a child to indecent materials, you could face a CPS investigation and perhaps even additional criminal charges just for being a parent accused of a sex crime. It is crucial that you work with a CPS sex crime lawyer who understands how to defend on all fronts.

If you or someone you love is undergoing a CPS investigation, call the Grabel & Associates team. Our attorneys understand what it takes to be successful in every aspect of sex crime cases and will do everything in their power to ensure every client has a fair shot at a just outcome.

What Happens When CPS is Called?

If CPS believes your child has been harmed or is in any kind of danger, a caseworker will most likely begin an investigation. If CPS receives a substantiated call or report of abuse or neglect, an investigation must begin within 24 hours. An investigation typically consists of a home visit, interviews with the alleged victim(s), interview with the alleged perpetrator, a doctor’s visit, and a family assessment. If the CPS worker determines your child was not harmed, the case will be dropped. If the caseworker decides the child has suffered, a motion may be filed with the court to have the child removed from his or her home and placed with a family member, friend, or foster family.

Your attorney will help you navigate your CPS investigation if it comes down to it. Grabel & Associates prides themselves on offering unrivaled criminal defense, which includes explaining your legal rights so you have a chance to receive a fair case outcome. We will stand up to CPS workers, police, and prosecutors to ensure you are protected and do not fall victim to wrongful self-incrimination. We will also shield your family whenever possible to lessen the potential trauma an investigation can cause.

Sex Crime Penalties and Child Abuse and Neglect Penalties in Michigan

If you’re found guilty of child abuse and neglect, you could face registry on Michigan’s statewide Child Abuse and Neglect Registry, large fines, jail time, and potentially loss of custody. To avoid these life-altering penalties, it is important to reach out to an attorney early on in your case. The more time your lawyer has to sort through the details of your case and build your defense, the better shot you have a earning a favorable outcome.

Sex crime penalties vary greatly depending on the details of your case. You could be up against excessive fines and anywhere from months in jail to a life sentence. Your name may also be placed on Michigan’s sex offender registry. This can make it difficult to move on with your life after your case has been wrapped up. You may find it harder to find employment, housing, and more. A seasoned attorney will be able to negotiate the best available outcome, helping you and your family get back to life as you knew it before the police investigation.

We Explore Every Legal Option for Your Defense

Many individuals suffer the harm of false accusations in Michigan. The Grabel & Associates team firmly believes that you are innocent until proven guilty. Our staff will aggressively defend you and stand up to prosecutors that want to land you in jail. When you call us, you’ll be provided with a free initial case consultation and then be connected with a member of our team that specializes in sex crime cases. He or she may choose to conduct an independent investigation to ensure all of the facts are in order before choosing how to best represent you. We will explore every legal option, including plea bargains or deferred sentencing options, to ensure you receive the best available results. Our proven track record demonstrates the effectiveness of our approach. Check it out for yourself and see why we are ranked so highly among Michigan defense firms.

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