CPS Investigation Process During a Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

“Sex Crime” is a broad legal term used to refer to any illegal sexual activity. Some common sex crimes include internet sex crimes, child pornography, prostitution, rape, criminal sexual conduct, and indecent exposure. If you’re parent accused of any of the crimes listed above, you’ll need the help of a skilled defense attorney to prove your innocence. A lot is on the line, including the wellbeing of your family. If CPS decides the details of your case warrant an investigation, you could potentially face additional criminal charges and loss of custody of your children. To avoid these life-altering penalties, hire Michigan’s leading defense firm today.

The attorneys at Grabel & Associates are known for their keen attention to detail and dedication to fighting for justice. Over 15 years of experience in Michigan law sets us apart, earning us a prestigious reputation in criminal defense. If you are being investigated for a sex crime in Michigan, you need a skilled CPS lawyer experienced in sex crimes on your side. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in your criminal case.

What Happens in a CPS Investigation in Michigan during a sex crime case?

If you’re a parent facing sex crime charges, CPS will likely begin looking into your case to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children. While CPS investigations can be daunting, a good defense attorney and a little preparation will set you up to receive a favorable outcome. Typically, a CPS investigation consists of the following:

  • Home Visit: When a CPS worker takes on a case, he or she usually begins by visiting the home of the alleged victim and perpetrator to ensure the child is safe for the time being. If a CPS worker shows up at your door and asks to come in, you do not have to comply unless he or she has a warrant. Instead, show him or her the children through the window and politely ask them to return after you’ve spoken with your attorney.
  • Interviews: After a home visit, CPS workers want to speak with all parties involved. They’ll get your side of the story and compare it to the details they have on record and then ask to speak with your children alone. It is your right to request their interview with your child be recorded. It is wise to have a recording of these interviews to ensure you child was not being manipulated to answer a certain way. Recordings also keep the CPS worker honest about what was said.
  • Doctor Visits: If your child may have been harmed in any way, the CPS worker on your case may take him or her to see a physician. It is always wise to take your child to a trusted doctor first. Your family doctor may be able to support your explanation for any bumps of bruises on your child.
  • Family Assessment: After the CPS worker has done his or her research and completed the investigation, a decision will be made about the health and safety of your children. He or she will assess your family’s strengths and weaknesses and either dismiss the case or develop a plan for care for the child.

Having a seasoned attorney on your side throughout a CPS investigation can mean the difference between proving your innocence and having your children removed from your home. If you’re facing a CPS investigation, reach out to Grabel & Associates today.

Our Approach to Sex Crime Defense in Michigan

Sex crimes are very serious and may result in harsh penalties, such as large fines, jail time, and registry as a sex offender. You don’t need the added worry of losing custody of your children weighing on you as you navigate your complex case. Hiring a defense attorney early in your case will help ease some of the burden. A lawyer will serve as a shield between caseworkers and your family, making it easier for you to move on once a judgment has been reached. The team at Grabel & Associates understands what is at stake in your sex crime case and will do everything in their power to ensure you have a fair shot at justice.

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