Child Placement - Temporary and Permanently During Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

Child Protective Services works to protect children from potentially harmful situations. If a parent or guardian fails to provide physical or emotional support for their child, CPS may decide to investigate the case and potentially remove the child from his or her home. An investigation typically consists of a home visit, interviews with the child and alleged perpetrator, a doctor’s examination, and an assessment of the family’s strengths and weaknesses.

If CPS is investigating you, it is important to contact a defense attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer will prepare you for the investigation by asking you questions and informing you of your legal rights. He or she will also shield your family from caseworkers, interacting with them on your behalf whenever possible. This will protect you from harsh investigation tactics and put you on track to receiving the best possible case result. Contact our team today via telephone or our online contact form to receive a free initial case consultation and to learn more about how our services can benefit you during a CPS investigation.

CPS Cases Are Time Sensitive

When a parent or legal guardian is accused of committing a sex crime, CPS often will look into the case to ensure the child is not suffering as a result. If you have been accused of a sex crime and you have a child, do not be surprised if CPS knocks on your front door and asks to speak with you. CPS cases often move much faster than criminal investigations, due to their time-sensitive nature. It is possible that CPS could decide your child was in danger due to the details of your case before you have been found guilty or innocent. To avoid an unjust case outcome and protect your family, contact Grabel & Associates as soon as you learn you are under investigation.

Sex crime cases are very serious. Depending on the details of your case, you could face large fines, jail time, registration as a sex offender, and potentially loss of custody of your child. It’s important to be proactive in fighting back against wrongful accusations. The sooner you start building a strong defense, the better your chances are at earning the best available results

CPS Hearings During Sex Crime Cases

If CPS receives word that you were involved in a sex crime, they will likely begin an investigation. If at any point during the investigation they determine that your child is not safe in your home, they will have him or her temporarily removed and the first hearing, the preliminary hearing, will take place within 72 hours. Your attorney will use this hearing to learn about the information CPS has on you. The less you say, the better. Next comes the plea hearing, during which you’ll have a chance to review the petition of allegations against you and bring up any questions or items you do not agree with. If you deny any of the allegations, you will have an adjudicatory hearing. During this hearing, your CPS defense attorney and caseworker will present evidence to a judge, who will decide if your child needs protection or if the case can be dismissed. If you admitted to the allegations or the judge upheld the petition, your case will proceed to review and dispositional hearing. During this hearing, a case plan will be developed. Your child will either be placed in another home or remain at home under court jurisdiction. After six months, your case will be reviewed. If you are making good progress, the judge may permanently place your child in your home. If not, a permanency hearing will be held in another six months.

Knowledge and Experience to Battle Sex Crimes and CPS Investigations

We have been practicing law in Michigan for over 15 years. Our knowledge and experience set us apart from other defense firms, giving you the best chance at a favorable outcome. If you need help battling against wrongful accusations, contact us today. We will keep your future and the future of your family in mind throughout the entire process, making it easy to move on with your life after your case has been wrapped up.

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