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Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect During Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

Child abuse and neglect are rather vague terms that refer to any action, or lack of action, that results in harm to a child. The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website refers to child abuse as any “harm or threatened harm to a child’s health or welfare.” A parent, legal guardian, teacher or health professional that knowingly brings about physical or mental injury, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or maltreatment could face child abuse charges. Child neglect is when a caregiver does not provide the necessary food, clothing, shelter, or medical care, or knowingly places a child in a potentially dangerous situation.

Michigan law does not require that the child actually be harmed for an action to constitute as abuse or neglect. Simply the potential for harm to occur is enough to get you in legal trouble. CPS will conduct an investigation to determine if any average person would interpret the situation as potentially dangerous. If the answer is yes, you could be in trouble.

Common Signs of Child Abuse and Neglect

Both mandated reporters and CPS workers will be looking for signs of child abuse and neglect. If your child displays any of the following, it is important to follow up with a trusted physician so your child can receive care and you can prove that you did not purposefully harm your child.

  • Unexplained, frequent sore throats
  • Yeast or urinary infections
  • Painful or irritated genitals
  • STDs
  • Bleeding from external genitalia
  • Pregnancy
  • Bloody, stained, or torn underclothes

If you are being charged with a sex crime, it is possible that CPS workers will be concerned you’ve also harmed your child or children. It’s important to take action to prevent a CPS investigation. Stopping an investigation before it even starts will minimize the damage accusations can have on your reputation and your family. Your attorney will advise you of how to proceed in your case and the best way to get on track to receiving your desired outcome

Under Investigation for Neglect or Abuse During a Sex Crime

If you are under investigation for a sex crime in Michigan, it is crucial to connect with a defense attorney early on in your case. A lawyer will help you navigate the investigation, helping you avoid unwarranted criminal charges and potential CPS investigations. Being proactive will help make it easier to move on after your case has been wrapped up, putting your future back in your hands.

If you are a parent that has been accused of committing a sex crime, connecting with a lawyer is even more important. Police and prosecutors may try to get Child Protective Services involved, putting your family at risk. A CPS worker may decide to file a petition to take your children away before your case has even been decided. This means that you may be proven innocent and wrongfully suffer the outcome of an unjust CPS investigation. The Grabel & Associates team understands the severity of what is at stake in your case and we are willing to do everything in our power to ensure your case is handled fairly. We will serve as a buffer between you and the police and prosecutors involved in your case to ensure your legal rights are upheld. If you would like more information about our services, call our toll-free hotline today.

Our Approach to CPS Investigations in Michigan

Any sex crime involving children will be taken very seriously by Michigan police and prosecutors. If a child exhibits any signs of abuse or neglect, it’s likely they will be reported and a CPS worker will begin looking into the case. The Grabel & Associates team understands what it takes to be successful in sex crime cases and CPS investigations. Our proven results showcase our extensive training and great attention to detail. We will leave no stone unturned as we investigate the details of your case and craft a custom approach to your defense.

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Great lawyer he went into court and ripped the girl trying to lie on me a new one. He fot me off on all charges and with out him i would be in prision. Thank you so much i will definitely keep your number and pass it on to any one in trouble and keep it for future incase i ever have to go back to court K. J.
Just starting the case. Scott Grabel is a very down to earth kind of guy. He doesn't rush you and answers your questions very thoroughly. Scott and Tim Doman return calls quickly. We're still early but I will post an update throughout our process. D. J.
Great job Tim, Scott, Daniel very aggressive and knowledgeable They always call you back if you have questions even after hours the best outcome I could've hoped for thanks again R. E.