Adjudicatory Hearing During a Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

Adjudicatory Hearing: If CPS believes your child is in danger, your case will proceed to an adjudicatory hearing. During this hearing, your attorney will present evidence and testimony to the judge in an attempt to prove your innocence. This is a very important stage of your case, because your lawyer may be able to have all charges dropped and your case dismissed.

CPS cases are composed of five hearings. If you want to receive a favorable case outcome, it’s important to have an experienced defense attorney fighting on your behalf, both in and out of court. Your CPS lawyer will look into your case to ensure all of the facts are straight, put together an effective defense, and represent you during your case hearings. The more time your legal defense has to put your case together, the better they will be able to serve you. As soon as you learn you are under investigation, contact Grabel & Associates. Our attorneys have successfully defended numerous clients facing sex crime accusations and understand what it takes to earn the best available results. If you want to avoid life-altering penalties, connect with our premier staff today.

Sex Crime Cases and Accused Parents in Michigan

The term “Sex Crime” is used to refer to a wide variety of illegal actions, some of which include indecency with a child, rape, sexual assault, possession of child pornography, and molestation. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime in the state of Michigan, you could face large fines, jail time, and registration as a sex offender. If you’re a parent or legal guardian accused of committing a sex crime, there may be additional penalties on the line. It’s very important to begin working with an attorney you can trust.

CPS may begin looking into your case, even if children were not involved in the allegations. Simply exposing your child to inappropriate material is enough to warrant action. It’s a good idea to protect yourself and your family by hiring an attorney as soon as you suspect you are under investigation. A lawyer will stand as a buffer between you and CPS caseworkers, shielding your children from the potential harm that may come from an investigation.

Determining the Actions Needed During CPS Cases in Michigan

Typically, a CPS investigation will begin with a knock at your door. When CPS shows up without warning, it’s best to be polite, but not offer too much information. The less you say, the better off you will be. Your attorney will inform you of your legal rights, protecting you from illegal investigation tactics that may be employed. After a home visit, CPS will want to interview all parties involved, review the case documents, and have a doctor examine your child. After the investigation has been wrapped up, they’ll place the case in one of five categories that will determine what action needs to be taken. If at any point during the investigation, CPS feels your child is in danger, they may decide to remove him or her from your home. If this happens, the first of your five hearings will take place within 72 hours.

Preliminary Protective Custody Hearing: If your child has been taken, this hearing will take place within 72 hours. The judge will ask you questions about what happened before CPS became involved. If you don’t have an attorney, it’s important to say as little as possible.

Plea Hearing and Confirmation of Counsel: You will receive a petition with a list of all allegations you’re facing. At the plea hearing, you will enter your plea and have a chance to ask questions or file complaints about the information in the petition.

Review and Dispositional Hearing: If you’re found guilty, CPS will develop a plan of action to protect your children. You’ll have a chance to review it and ask the case worker to make changes. Once the plan is accepted and approved by the court, you will be responsible for implementing it.

Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings: After six months, your case will be reviewed and the court will determine if you’ve made the necessary changes to have your child returned to your home. If not, the case will be reviewed again after an allotted period of time.

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