What to do if CPS is Investigating You During a Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan?

The state of Michigan understandably takes sex crime charges very seriously. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime and you are a parent, it is important that you take precautionary action to avoid child endangerment charges, a CPS investigation, or both. Hiring an attorney is the first step in protecting yourself and your family. He or she will review the details of your case and help you determine what you need to do to get on track to receiving a favorable outcome. It’s never too early to enlist the services of a CPS sex crimes defense lawyer. Call Grabel & Associates today to learn more about how securing the services of an experience defense attorney can benefit you and help you avoid a CPS investigation.

Ten Tips for Dealing With CPS

If you are already under investigation by a CPS worker during sex crime charges, there are actions you can take to protect yourself from overzealous investigators. Following these ten tips will ensure you have the best chance at earning a just outcome in your case involving CPS.

  1. Take criminal charges seriously.
    Many defendants suffer wrongfully because they fail to take sex crime charges seriously. If you are innocent and are informed that you are facing sex crime charges or that you’re being investigated by CPS, you may do nothing and assume that the truth will be revealed. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You need to start fighting back as soon as possible and actively work to prove your innocence.
  2. Learn about the charges you’re up against.
    If a CPS worker shows up at your door unannounced, do everything you can to find out why you are under investigation. This information is invaluable as you strategize and plan your defense. An experienced sex crimes CPS attorney will be able to advise even at this early stage.
  3. Don’t say anything that could be used against you in a court of law.
    It’s important to remember that you cannot be forced to answer questions. Even if a police officer shows up at your door, you are not legally obligated to speak with him or her without first contacting an attorney. In most cases, the less you say, the better off you will be.
  4. Hire a trustworthy attorney.
    A lawyer will stand as a shield between you and the agents handling your case. He or she will inform you of your legal rights and ensure that your case is being handled justly. The sooner you get legal representation involved, the better your chances are of proving your innocence and keeping your family together.
  5. Be polite and courteous to caseworkers.
    When a caseworker shows up at your door unannounced, it’s easy to feel attacked and react in an emotionally charged way. While this is understandable, it is not wise. Treating caseworkers will respect and courtesy will help you communicate clearly and make them more likely to believe you.
  6. Never invite CPS workers, police, or prosecutors into your home.
    While it is wise to be polite and courteous, you do not have to forfeit your legal rights. If a caseworker asks to come inside your home without a warrant, you can always politely refuse.
  7. Protect your children throughout the investigation process.
    If a CPS worker wants to speak with your child or children alone, demand that the interaction be videotaped. This will protect you and your children by keeping the caseworker accountable. The prosecutor will not be able to misunderstand or twist your child’s words to fit his or her story, protecting your family from an unjust legal proceeding. If you have a lawyer, he or she should enforce your rights and ensure your children are protected.
  8. Bring in outside help.
    If you have been charged with a sex crime and CPS is investigating you because they believe your child has been physically or emotionally harmed, have your child examined by a professional. A trusted doctor should be able to provide you with a detailed report that can be invaluable as you fight to prove your innocence.
  9. Build a network of family and friends.
    If your child or children have to be removed from your house for a period of time during the investigation, it is helpful to have a comprehensive list of family members or friends that would be willing to house them. This will protect your children from the pain of being placed with strangers.
  10. Maintain your innocence.
    If you are innocent, do not admit guilt under any circumstance. Prosecutors may use fear to drive you to a plea bargain, but you are not obligated to admit to a crime you did not commit. Always speak with an attorney before dealing with police or prosecutors.

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