Sexting - Text Message and MMS Crime

Although a relatively new phenomenon, sexting is a growing problem for Michigan law makers. Most teens communicate via text or social media, which creates opportunities to send pictures, videos, and other messages. Although these exchanges usually happen between consenting individuals, the fact that pictures of underage teens can be distributed or that photos can reach people they were not originally intended for has led to cases where people are convicted for child pornography or other criminal charges.

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Grabel & Associates is dedicated to achieving the best possible results in sex crime cases, and our attorneys understand the defense strategies that work in Michigan child pornography cases. Contact our law firm now if you are under investigation for possession, distribution, or other child pornography charges that resulted due to a sexting incident. Without a lawyer, you could face jail time, fines, sex offender registration, and other penalties that could potentially be avoided. Our lawyers will work with you to protect against police and prosecutor tactics aimed at putting you behind bars, and we will protect your rights throughout every stage of the criminal justice process.

Sexting Crime Laws in Michigan

Sexting poses a problem for parents, teachers, school boards, students and many other Michigan citizens. Unfortunately, Michigan does not have sufficient legislation to properly punish sexting, which can lead to wrongful conviction of child pornography possession for consensual sexting.

Michigan child pornography laws weren’t designed to prosecute incidences of sexting, but are sometimes used to put innocent people behind bars and on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. Child exploitation and child porn charges are extremely serious and harsh punishment will occur even if sexting was consensual, sometimes even when the defendant is also a minor. Working with an attorney allows you to properly fight back against police and prosecutors, and defend against criminal penalties. Our sex crimes attorneys work has helped clients in difficult criminal cases statewide achieve great case results, and we are recognized throughout Michigan for our ability to consistently deliver unrivaled results in sex crime cases.

Criminal Penalties for Sexting in Michigan

A number of Michigan sex crime laws can apply to sexting charges, which can be found in the Michigan Penal Code. If you entice, coerce, or persuade someone under the age of 18 to send an inappropriate photo or video, you could face up to 20 years in prison, along with a potential fine of as much as $100,000. If you pass on a picture that was sent to you or otherwise distribute or promote materials that could be labeled child sexually abusive, you could be imprisoned for 7 years and face fines of up to $50,000. Additionally, anyone who knowingly possesses child sexually abusive materials, including pictures saved on a phone or computer, could face up to 4 years in prison and a fine of $10,000.

Contact an attorney now if you or your juvenile teen is accused of distributing, possessing, sending, delivering, promoting, or persuading child sexually abusive materials, or “sexts.” Our attorneys will immediately begin defending you and will fight to protect you from jail and fines.

Our Proven Approach to Sex Crime Cases

When you are accused of sending, possessing, receiving, or distributing nude or lewd photos or videos, it is crucial to contact a lawyer right away who can help you protect against child pornography conviction. Grabel & Associates understands the stress you face if accused of child porn possession or creation, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best case result with as little trouble as possible. Obviously, sexting cases are extremely complex and a number of factors can play a huge role in deciding the outcome of your case. Our attorneys understand sex crime and child pornography laws and will work to deliver a comprehensive defense strategy that will help you in every stage of your case.

Our attorneys have proven their skill in countless cases statewide, and we have been successfully defending sex crime clients for over a decade. Our lawyers combine for over 100 years of legal experience and have established a reputation as one of the state’s top firms. Working with the best possible lawyer in your case will allow you to achieve the best result, and we are always available for clients facing sexting accusations in any of Michigan’s counties.

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