Pretrial and Plea Proceedings of CPS Investigation During a Sex Crime Investigation in Michigan

Abuse and neglect charges are serious, especially when they are coupled with sex crime charges. If you are a parent or guardian facing criminal charges, the first thing you should do is hire an experienced CPS attorney. You could potentially face registration as a sex offender, large fines, jail time, and loss of custody of your children. These life-altering penalties may be avoidable if you hire a legal team with a vast wealth of knowledge and experience.

The Grabel & Associates team understand the severity of situation you are facing. Our lawyers will aggressively battle for you, doing everything in their power to earn you a shot at a just case outcome. Whether you have just been informed of the accusations or you have already been found guilty, there are things we can do to put you on track to receiving the most favorable outcome available. Contact our staff today by calling our toll-free hotline or filling out our online contact form. When your future and the future of your family is on the line, you should not settle for second-rate criminal defense. Learn more Michigan’s leading defense firm today

Understanding the CPS Hearing Process in Michigan

Learning about the charges you are up against and how CPS operates is a good way to prepare yourself for your legal battle. The CPS hearing process can be confusing, but with a little help from your attorney, you can successfully navigate this vital stage of your case.

Preliminary Protective Custody Hearing: If CPS believes your child is not safe in your home, they may decide to remove him or her. If this happens, your preliminary hearing will take place within 72 hours. You have the right to an attorney during this hearing. Your attorney may use this time to solidify CPS’s story and find out what information they have on you. This information is valuable later on in your case, when your attorney is building your defense.

Plea Hearing: If you do not have an attorney, you will be appointed a lawyer at your plea hearing. If you do not attend this hearing, your court appointed lawyer will not confirm that they are your representation and CPS will win because you have not entered a plea.

Adjudicatory Hearing: If you deny any allegations made in the petition, the court will schedule another hearing to review the information. This is similar to a trial. CPS will present the evidence they have against you to a judge and you will present evidence that points to your innocence. If the judge sides with you, the case will be dismissed.

Review and Dispositional Hearing: If you pled no contest, the court will come up with a plan of action. You can review the documents before the review and dispositional hearing and let the court know if you agree or disagree with the action laid out.

Review Hearings and Permanency Hearings: After six months of the court taking ward ship over your children, a review hearing will take place. If you have complied with the action laid out in the review and dispositional hearing and the court believes you are fit to take custody of your children back, your kids may be returned to your home.

We Work Alongside Parents To Help Them Prove Their Innocence

CPS works to protect children and prevent harm whenever possible. Mandated reporters and concerned citizens can call in reports of abuse or neglect, and CPS will look into the claims to ensure the child is not in a dangerous situation. There are times, however, when CPS gets it wrong and does more harm than good. Every year, good parents suffer the consequences false allegations can bring. That is where Grabel & Associates steps in. We work alongside parents to help them prove their innocence and do everything in our power to keep families together.

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