Legal Defense Strategies For Winning Sex Crimes Cases in Michigan

More often than not, individuals make a serious mistake when confronted by the police or a Child Protective Services officer regarding allegations of committing a sex crime by talking to the police or CPS worker. The accused doesn't think the matter is serious or that the allegations are credible, so they freely discuss the allegations without first consulting with a skilled criminal defense attorney. It should be understood the police and/or CPS worker are present to investigate allegations of a very serious crime and are not there to be your friend and help you.

Before making any statements to the police or Child Protective Services (CPS), call our criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in Michigan sex offense cases.

Law enforcement officers take all allegations of sexual misconduct seriously, and will use trickery or deception in hopes of getting an individual to make an incriminating statement or illicit a confession that can significantly undermine the ability to defend against any potential charges. Whether an individual thinks the allegations or charges are baseless, the best course of action is to not talk to anyone, especially the police. An individual should politely decline any request to give a statement or attend a police interview until the individual has had the opportunity to speak to an experienced sex crimes lawyer about how to proceed.

A Strong Legal Defense Is Critical Because Every Allegation Of A Sex Crime, And All Charges Involving A Sex Offense Are Serious.

Many individuals are under the mistaken belief that if they contact an attorney before talking to the police it will make them look guilty, or that they have something to hide. Nothing could be further from the truth! An individual suspected of committing a serious crime contacts a sex crimes attorney to protect his or her rights and to ensure that a full, fair, and thorough investigation is conducted by the police.

Every day, many innocent people are unjustly convicted because of a shoddy police investigation, mistakes made by prosecutors or inadequately skilled defense counsel. Don't let yourself become a tragic statistic.

Our attorneys know how to deal with overzealous police officers and prosecutors who don't care about an individual's constitutional rights. Contact a member of our sex crimes defense team for a free, confidential consultation to explain how we can help.

Knowing How To Use A Polygraph Test, Or Lie Detector, As Part Of A Comprehensive Defense Strategy In A Sex Crime Investigation Can Stop A Case Before It Even Begins.

In Michigan, polygraph examinations, or lie detector tests, are widely used by prosecutors and law enforcement agencies across the state in cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct. Sexual assault cases, unlike many other criminal matters, often lack evidence corroborating the allegations. In many instances there isn't evidence of physical injury, or any witnesses to the alleged assault other than the accuser. In those cases, law enforcement relies solely on the word of the alleged victim.

Most often sex offense cases are based on the victim's word against the accused person's word, the proverbial "he said, she said" scenario. It is almost impossible to discern who is in fact telling the truth. This becomes even more difficult when the accuser is a young child, which is often the case.

A police polygraph is a investigative tool the results of which many prosecutors in Michigan put a significant amount of credibility in. A passed or failed polygraph can dramatically impact the decision to charge or dismiss a existing charge against an individual. To say your life may be in the hands of a polygraph examiner is truly an understatement.

The critical concern of a person taking a police polygraph test is ensuring that the police polygraph examiner is highly skilled in the field of lie detection, and that he or she administers a fair, ethical test. However, many times the "police test" is simply a tool to try to get a suspect to make an incriminating statement that can later be used against him in court.

In almost all cases an experienced sex crimes attorney will conduct at least one private, confidential polygraph test with a client before even considering the possibility of allowing a client to take a police polygraph test. Knowing what specific private examiner to use with a particular prosecutor in a given county can make a critical difference on how much influence a prosecutor will give a private test. This is where a seasoned sex crimes attorney is far superior to the "jack of all trades" attorney that would allow an individual to take a police polygraph without considering the proper alternatives.

If the police are asking you to take a police polygraph test and you don't know what to do, contact the law firm of Grabel & Associates to discuss your best course of action based upon your specific situation.

Having A Criminal Defense Firm That Has The Expertise And Proven Results In Sex Crime Cases Can Dismantle The Prosecutor's Case Against You.

As previously mentioned, sex crime cases are generally "one-on-one" credibility contests in which one key fact can tip the scales of credibility in the favor of the accused. It is critical to have an aggressive and experienced sex crimes lawyer who understands that every fact, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, may prove instrumental in achieving an acquittal or dismissal on behalf of a client.

At Grabel & Associates our team will meticulously review every police incident report, word-for-word, looking for any discrepancies that could give us a tactical advantage. In addition, our defense team will thoroughly interview any and all witnesses who may have key information on an alleged victim's motivation to fabricate allegations.

The ability to effectively challenge an accuser's credibility lies at the heart of any successful sex crimes defense. Our proven approach in sex offense cases has secured many acquittals and dismissals on behalf of our clients. Remember, in our criminal justice system a person doesn't have to prove his or her innocence: the prosecutor must prove an individual guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In many cases, the responsibility of an experienced criminal defense attorney is to put enough doubt in a juror's mind to raise reasonable doubt, and it's that ability to raise "doubt" that separates an average criminal attorney from an exceptional one.

Our criminal defense law firm’s track record and experience is unsurpassed for getting our clients exceptional results in sex crimes cases.

The Use Of Forensic Experts To Effectively Challenge Evidence Obtained On A Computer, Cell Phone, Camera, Camcorder, Or Any Other Memory Storage Device.

Many sex crimes are charged on the basis of information obtained from computers, cell phones, cameras, camcorders, or other storage devices. With the advent of the Internet and other wireless technologies, information can be transferred to a variety of devices without the user even being aware what has been downloaded or transferred. In many cases, law abiding citizens have been accused of and charged with possession of child pornography, child sexually abusive material or activity, solicitation of a minor for immoral purposes, and a variety of other stigmatizing offenses without ever intending to violate the law.

The defense team at Grabel & Associates is able to draw from a large network of professional resources, including private investigators, computer forensic experts, mitigation specialists, and trial consultants to effectively challenge this highly damaging evidence.

Working Closely With Your Attorney Gives You The Strongest Defense.

A skilled criminal defense team is critical in achieving the very best results in any case. But nobody knows the key witnesses or the evidence better than the person accused of committing the offense. A close working relationship between the client and a skilled attorney is crucial in formulating the best, most effective defense strategy to successfully defend and win a client's case. This team oriented approach with clients assures the strongest and most effective defense is used to achieve outstanding case results.

At Grabel & Associates our lawyers are dedicated to providing you with the expert legal guidance you need. A legal representative is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We Are Ready To Start Building A Winning Defense Against Your Sex Crimes Charges, Such As:

Contact us for a free, confidential phone consultation about the charges you are facing or fill out our contact form. We will help you understand the process. Most importantly, you will know you have a team of experienced, aggressive criminal defense trial lawyers protecting your rights and your freedom.

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