Grand Rapids Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are accused of a sex-related crime in Grand Rapids it is important that you obtain the advice and assistance of a sex crimes defense attorney who has experience dealing with sex-related offenses in the state of Michigan. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates have over 100 years of combined experience successfully representing clients implicated in a broad variety of sex crimes, including: criminal sexual conduct, solicitation and prostitution, statutory rape, child sexual abuse, child molestation, internet sex crimes, child pornography, indecent exposure, and other criminal sexual offenses and related matters.

Because of Their Nature, Sex Crime Cases Require Experience

Sex crime cases tend to be very emotionally charged, particularly if they involve minors. Because of their nature, newspapers frequently cover sex crime cases, and occasionally these can develop into fully sensationalized stories. Unfortunately, all it may take to initiate a criminal investigation and set off this chain of events is a verbal accusation. Too often, in these types of cases in which the public becomes concerned, prosecutors are pressured to obtain convictions, even in cases in which “he said, she said” evidence is the most they have to go on and physical evidence is scant or questionable. When that happens, mere suspicion or unsupported allegations can translate into tremendous personal stress on those accused or implicated in any way, including affecting their employment status, their family harmony, and their personal relationships.

When Facing Criminal Charges in a Sexual Offense, Get a Lawyer with the Right Experience

When so much is at stake, if you find yourself accused of a criminal sexual offense, you need an assertive, confident, and competent lawyer who will safeguard your rights and stand by your side from the outset. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates understand what is involved and what you are going through. We are dedicated to providing the very best defense possible, and to closing cases before they escalate, by getting charges dismissed, dropped, or reduced, or by developing the most effective trial strategy to preserve your freedom and your reputation. As soon as you are implicated or even questioned in a sex crime case, retain the services of a qualified sex crimes attorney to intervene between you and law enforcement. The sooner you get us fighting on your side, the sooner you can put the matter behind you.

Criminal Proceedings for Crimes Occurring in Grand Rapids Are Handled in Kent County Courts

Misdemeanor criminal matters with the potential for a jail term of less than one year, as well as preliminary proceedings in felony cases, are handled by various district courts located throughout Kent County. For crimes alleged to have occurred in the cities of East Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Lowell, Rockford, and Townships of Grand Rapids, Tyrone, Solon, Nelson, Ada, Vergennes, Cascade, Spencer, Sparta, Algoma, Byron, Gaines, Caledonia, Browne, Courtland, Oakfield, Alpine, Cannon, Plainfield, and Grattan the appropriate district court is the 63rd District Court located in Grand Rapids. For crimes alleged to have occurred in the city of Grand Rapids the appropriate district court is the 61st District Court located in the city of Grand Rapids. Felony cases, as well as serious misdemeanor cases, are heard by the 17th Circuit Court in the city of Grand Rapids. The circuit court also hears criminal appeals. The 63rd and 61st District Court in Kent County is located at the following locations:

The 17th Circuit Court address is:
63rd District Court61st District Court17th Judicial Circuit Court
1950 East Beltline NE180 Ottawa Avenue NW180 Ottawa Avenue NW
Grand Rapids, MichiganGrand Rapids, MichiganGrand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the second largest city in Michigan, after Detroit. The population of Grand Rapids is 188,040, but the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, which also includes the cities of Muskegon and Holland, has a combined population of 774,160. Grand Rapids is the county seat of Kent County, Michigan, and is best known as the home of several prominent office furniture companies, which has earned Grand Rapids the nickname of “Furniture City.” The crime rate in Grand Rapids has been consistently higher than the national average and, according to statistics, there are 977 sex offenders registered under the Michigan Sex Offenders Registration Act (SORA) living in Grand Rapids.

Contact the Lawyers at Our Firm 24/7 for Immediate Legal Assistance

The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have acquired decades of experience defending clients accused of crimes in state and federal courts throughout Michigan. Our knowledge of the law and courtroom experience have proven highly successful for countless clients, and we can help you. If you find yourself facing charges or under arrest for criminal sexual misconduct, contact Grabel & Associates at any time of the day or night, any day of the week. Our attorneys are available to provide immediate advice and counsel to help you to navigate the criminal enforcement process so that you can defend your rights. If you are in trouble with the law, don’t wait. Get the legal help you need when you need it.