False Allegation by Child or Other Reporter During Sex Offenses in Michigan

In the state of Michigan, the safety of children is a top priority for both the government and law enforcement. There are statutes in place that outline severe penalties for those found guilty of committing sex crimes involving children, and parents, guardians, and mandated reporters that fail to protect a child. While these laws can successfully punish those who bring harm to children, they also can wrongfully punish those who have not hurt a child in any way.

Unfortunately, false allegations are made fairly often. Sometimes in good faith, other times in an attempt to wrongfully incriminate someone. If you or someone you love is innocent and facing allegations of sexual abuse of a child or any kind of child abuse, it is important to call an attorney as soon as possible. Waiting to connect with legal representation is a costly mistake that many make. Do not put your future at risk. Contact Michigan’s premier defense firm today and start battling back to prove your innocence.

What Happens in a CPS Investigation?

While every case is different, most CPS investigations consist of the same elements. Upon receiving a report of abuse or neglect, the CPS agent taking the call will ask a few questions to determine if the concerns are warranted and if there is enough information to base an investigation off of. If they think there is reason to believe a child is in danger, he or she will begin investigation within 24 hours of receiving the call. An investigation usually includes interviews, a home visit, a review of relevant documents and evidence, and an assessment of the family’s strengths and weaknesses. If the child shows signs of physical harm, an examination by a trusted medical professional may also be included.

It’s important to remember that CPS workers are not looking to prove your innocence, they’re looking to prove your guilt. You need someone willing to fight for you and show that the child was not and is not in danger of any kind. If you are facing false allegations, call Grabel & Associates today.

Penalties for False Allegations of Sex Crimes Involving Children

While it is against the law to knowingly file a false report of abuse or neglect, there are situations where reporters have called CPS in good faith, and therefore cannot be punished. Law enforcement handles these cases and strives to lessen the number of false reports. False allegations not only harm the accused, but also his or her family. It can be traumatic for a child to undergo a CPS investigation and face questioning. Hiring an attorney will help shield the child from process, keeping him or her as safe as possible.

If false allegations have been filed against you in a custody battle or for any other reason, contacting an attorney is the first step in clearing your name. Not taking action to fight back can negatively impact your future and make it impossible to even obtain employment in the future or move on with your life. When you’re innocent, don’t risk your future. Someone else’s mistake should not harm you and your family’s happiness and wellbeing.

Our Approach to Child Abuse and Neglect Cases

A false allegation is not the end of the world. Our team understands that there are circumstances when someone may knowingly file false claims or a child may unknowingly wrongfully incriminate someone. We will conduct a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of your case, exploring every possible reason for false allegations. The sooner you connect with us, the better shot you have at receiving a favorable outcome. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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