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If you are implicated in any sex-related offense in Detroit, you need a sex crimes defense attorney with experience in CSC cases. At the defense law firm of Grabel & Associates, we have more than 100 years of combined experience and our attorneys have developed experience in defending clients who have been accused of sex-related crimes. These crimes may include sexual abuse, solicitation, statutory rape, Internet sex crimes, prostitution, child pornography, and criminal sexual conduct. In addition, Our firm have experience in helping clients deal with legal problems related to sex crime issues involving Child Protective Services (CPS), sex crimes appeals, sex offender registration, and false accusations.

Don't Try To Navigate Detroit's Criminal Enforcement Minefield Without An Aggressive Attorney In Your Corner

Because it contains Detroit and most of its suburb communities, Wayne County is the most populous county in all of Michigan. It is also the Michigan county that experiences the most crime, and therefore it also has the state's largest criminal court system. Consequently, if you are implicated in a crime in Detroit, you cannot assume that you or your case will get the kind of attention you may think you deserve. Remember: the prosecution is not interested in helping you in your situation, even if you are innocent of the charge or you have a valid defense. Especially in the metropolitan area of Detroit, the prosecution's job is to resolve criminal cases quickly and efficiently, and to obtain a conviction and exact punishment for every crime that has been allegedly committed.

If You are Accused of a Sex-Related Crime In Detroit, Get the Help You Need With Us

We understand the position you are in. Once hired, our aggressive team of attorneys will use every means to preserve your rights and your freedom. Using expert investigators and state-of-the-art computer, DNA, polygraph, and forensic technology, we work to develop a case strategy that will make your defense case more effective and better prepared than the prosecution's case. We will investigate every avenue to advance your interests, including providing evidence that can prevent charges from being filed, or highlighting inconsistencies in the prosecution's case and using our negotiation skills to have charges dropped or reduced. Our defense attorneys have an enviable track record in keeping our clients out of jail. When you need a friend in your corner, you can count on the lawyers at Grabel & Associates.

Crimes Occurring In Detroit are Heard in Wayne County Courts Located in Detroit

Misdemeanors and preliminary hearings in felony cases are heard in the 36th District Court in Detroit, and serious misdemeanors and felonies are tried in the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court. The 36th District Court can be found at:

36th District Court
421 Madison Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48226

The 3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan - Criminal Division, located in Detroit at:

Third Judicial Circuit Court
1441 St. Antoine
Detroit, Michigan 48230

Detroit, Michigan, is Michigan's largest city, with 713,777 residents. Probably as a result of Detroit's significantly higher-than-average unemployment rates, the population of Detroit has declined dramatically in the last several years. Consistent with previous years, the crime rate in Detroit remains significantly higher than the national average, with at least three times more crimes committed than the national crime index average. Based upon a search of records, there are 2,822 registered sex offenders registered under Michigan's Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) living within the city limits of Detroit.

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When you are facing charges for criminal sexual misconduct, it is common to feel that you are isolated from those around you, and overwhelmed by the situation. At Grabel & Associates, we understand what our clients are going through, and we strive to tackle the legal challenges that ordinary citizens are not prepared to cope with. It is our job to take over the work of protecting and defending our clients from the awesome power and resources of law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, judges, and courts. If you are implicated in a sex-related crime, contact Grabel & Associates 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a free initial consultation. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can shield you from the difficulties you face.