Dearborn Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are implicated in a sex-related offense in Dearborn, MI, you need to consult an sex crimes attorney who is very familiar with the sex crime laws in Michigan and with the court system. The lawyers at Grabel & Associates have experience handling cases for residents of Dearborn and elsewhere in Wayne County. Our law firm has extensive experience, and in particular, in defending clients who have been accused of criminal sexual misconduct. These crimes may include sexual abuse, solicitation, statutory rape, child pornography, criminal sexual conduct, Internet sex crimes, or other sex crimes offenses. In addition, Grabel & Associates is experienced in helping clients deal with legal problems related to sex crime issues involving Child Protective Services (CPS), sex crimes appeals, sex offender registration, and false accusations.

The Sooner You Hire an Attorney, the Sooner You Can Get Your Life Back

Merely being implicated in criminal sexual misconduct, without anything more, can cause tremendous upheaval in your life. Often, all it takes to involve an individual in a case is a verbal accusation, and that accusation can lead to charges being filed and an arrest being made. Unless you take immediate steps to defend yourself, you may find that this type of allegation can seriously, and sometimes irreparably, disrupt your home life, your job, your personal relationships, and your peace of mind. If you are accused of a criminal sexual offense, do not wait until matters escalate to a breaking point before you get qualified legal help.

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The defense attorneys at Grabel & Associates understand what you are going through. From the moment our legal team takes your case, we are committed to using every investigative and legal tool at our disposal to craft a successful case strategy. We are selective in our cases, to make sure our clients get the attention and help they deserve. We can protect you from having your rights violated by law enforcement personnel, and we can exploit weaknesses in the prosecution's case to make sure that you are not unlawfully convicted of a crime. In many cases, if we are involved early enough, we can even prevent charges from being filed, or get charges reduced or dropped. If you find yourself accused of a sex crime, get the right aggressive attorney in your corner.

Crimes Occurring in Dearborn are Tried in Wayne County Courts

Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan, and, not surprisingly, it is also the county that has the most criminal activity. As a result, Wayne County's court system is the largest in Michigan. In Dearborn, misdemeanor cases and preliminary hearings in felony cases are heard in the 19th District Court, at:

19th District Court
16077 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Serious misdemeanors and criminal felony charges in Wayne County are heard by the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan - Criminal Division, located in Detroit at:

Third Judicial Circuit Court
1441 St. Antoine
Detroit, Michigan 48230

Dearborn, Michigan, is a suburb of Detroit in southeastern Michigan's Wayne County, with a population of 98,153. Dearborn is well known as the home of the Ford Motor Company headquarters, and is also known, nowadays, for having a fairly high Arab population, which hovers around 30%. The crime rate in Dearborn has been consistently higher than the national average over the years. Eighty-seven residents of Dearborn are registered under Michigan's Sex Offender Registration Act, leaving the ratio of residents to sex offenders remarkably low.

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When you are arrested, you need to have your questions answered immediately including how to post bail in Wayne County, how to ensure your rights are fully preserved, and what is happening in your case. You also want reassurance that you are not somehow "lost" in the system when your case is being handled in Michigan's largest court system. The attorneys at Grabel & Associates can help you. We have extensive experience operating in Wayne County, and you can contact our attorneys 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an initial no-cost consultation. Don't wait until more problems find you take control of your case by putting an aggressive, committed team of defense lawyers on your side. Contact Grabel & Associates today.