Clinton Township Sex Crimes Attorney

The attorneys at Grabel & Associates are available to help residents of Clinton Township as well as other cities and towns within Macomb County. The attorneys at our firm have represented clients in a wide variety of sex-related crimes, including criminal sexual conduct, Internet sex crimes, rape, molestation, child sexual abuse, possession of child pornography, solicitation of a minor, gross indecency, and child protective service investigations. Grabel & Associates also has a outstanding track record in handling sex crimes appeals. If you or someone close to you is implicated in a sex crime in Clinton Township, Michigan, you need to obtain high quality legal help as soon as possible.

Don’t Wait Until Matters Escalate Before You Get a Competent Lawyer on Your Side

The laws dealing with sex crime offenses are themselves complex, but an individual’s freedom may sometimes depend upon something as simple—and as precarious—as a “he said, she said” scenario. As a result, when you are implicated in a sex crime, you need a lawyer that has experience in defending clients accused of sex crimes, and one that knows how to use innovative and creative defense strategies to do whatever is necessary to win the case and protect you from an unlawful conviction and jail or prison time. The fact is, sex offense cases can be won if your attorney thoroughly prepares an effective defense strategy, using forensic experts, evidence analysis, and the skill and experience of a strong defense team.

Our Firm Can Help Individuals Charged With Sex Crimes in Clinton Township, MI

At Grabel & Associates, we employ the most respected experts nationwide in such scientific fields as polygraph analysis, DNA analysis, computer forensics, rape trauma analysis, and child forensic protocols. We also use the services of a retired FBI agent as a case investigator. Our total client commitment is unsurpassed in obtaining exceptional case results when a client’s life, freedom, and future may be at stake. If you need an attorney to defend you from a charge of criminal sexual conduct or any related sex crime, you can count on the lawyers at the Grabel & Associates law firm.

Sex Crimes Cases Charged in Clinton Township, MI, are Tried in Macomb County Courts

Misdemeanor criminal cases in Macomb County are handled by district courts. District courts also conduct all preliminary hearings for felony cases. For Clinton Township, as well as the nearby municipalities of Harrison Township and Mount Clemens, the appropriate district court is the 41-B District Court, located in Clinton Township. The 41-B District Court can be found at:

41-B District Court
22380 Starks Drive
Clinton Township, Michigan 48036

The majority of felony cases are heard in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court in Macomb County, which is located in Mount Clemens at:

Macomb County Circuit Court
40 N. Main Street
Mt. Clemens, Michigan 48043

Clinton Township, in southeastern Michigan’s Macomb County, is a large town of almost 100,000 residents. Despite its large size, however, the crime rate in Clinton Township is significantly lower than the national average. Like most towns, the majority of crimes are property crimes. However, while the rate of violent crime in Clinton Township is lower than the national average, the number of forcible rapes in Clinton Township most closely approaches the national average compared to other violent crimes. There are105 sex offenders registered in Clinton Township under the Michigan Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), indicating that the ratio of residents to sex offenders is a significantly low 922 to one.

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At Grabel & Associates, we understand that sometimes the most frightening aspect of confronting criminal charges is the unknown. Our attorneys can relieve you of your anxiety by providing you with the answers and advice you need. At Grabel & Associates each and every attorney is committed to providing you with aggressive, competent help aimed at only one goal: preserving your freedom. If you are facing charges even if it is before any charges are filed. Contact Grabel & Associates. The sooner you put your case in our hands, the sooner you can put your problems behind you.