Child Memory Issues in Sexual Abuse

In Michigan sex crime cases, testimony and witness recollection often plays a key role in determining case results. Unfortunately, child testimony is notoriously unreliable, and children are extremely open to suggestion, especially by parents and other authoritative figures. Wrongful convictions in sex crime cases often occur due to flawed testimony and created memories, and our attorneys understand that you need to work with a skilled defense team and protect yourself from criminal penalties. Don’t hesitate to contact an attorney as soon as you are accused of a sex crime such as child sex abuse or CSC.

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At Grabel & Associates, out lawyers know what it takes to win in tough sex crime cases, and will work to ensure the truth comes to light in your criminal case. Although false testimony could lead to criminal accusations, we will fight to protect you and ensure you do not suffer from an unjust result. Our lawyers have experience working with child memories and juvenile testimony, and can assist you in determining the best legal action to take throughout every stage of your case.

Child Memory Suggestion in Michigan Sex Crime Case

It is widely recognized in the psychology community that children are extremely susceptible to suggestion and memories can be changed, warped, or created at the recommendation of an adult. Improper interviewing methods or inadequate preparation for questioning can not only be damaging to children, but can harm the integrity of their statements, which could be used to convict innocent people. Grabel & Associates fights for clients in sex crime cases facing wrongful conviction due to procedural mistakes and false testimonies.

Once a created or changed memory is implanted in a child’s head, he or she can start to believe what they said is actually true, and it can be nearly impossible to bring the real truth back into the forefront of your case. Working with an attorney early on in the criminal process will allow you to protect against child memory issues and other witness flaws. Distortion of children’s accounts of events is common since kids often want to please parents, police, or interviewers by telling them what they seemingly want to hear. Questioning can be coercive, sometimes intentionally, forcing a child to answer a specific way through the framing of a question. In sex crime cases, this can lead to an account of events that did not actually happen, and unnecessary jail time or sex offender registration for innocent individuals.

Common Child Memory Problems in MI

All eyewitness memory and recall is subject to distortion, especially if the sex crime case involves a child. There are numerous motives for coercing a child in a sex crime case, but most often these actions take place in cases where the prosecution needs to paint the defendant as a criminal or unsafe parent. In divorce cases and custody battles, erroneous sex crime allegations can help one parent achieve full custody, and coercing children to testify against the other parent can be a crucial step towards this legal goal. In other cases, children will be manipulated purely to reinforce the case presented by other alleged victims, sometimes to force a settlement or extort money out of a defendant. Work with an attorney if you have been investigated for a sex crime or accused of a sex crime involving a child. Don’t let forced testimony widely regarded to be unreliable put you behind bars, fight back with the experienced sex crimes defense lawyers at Grabel & Associates.

Our Approach to Sex Crime Cases

Our Michigan sex crime defense law firm is recognized statewide for our team’s ability to achieve great case outcomes and thoroughly analyze every detail of criminal cases. Contact us now to benefit from proven criminal defense strategies throughout investigation and trial. We will investigate every detail of your case and inform you of any legal issue that could affect your outcome. Don’t wait to hire legal representation, as a great result is available to you if you act fast.

Our lawyers will consult with you and work to build an individualized defense approach, taking into account potential witnesses and the specifics of your case. Our tactics have been proven in thousands of criminal cases statewide over the past decade, and our lawyers are always available to begin fighting for the rights of new sex crime defense clients.

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